Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flatfoot in Hong Kong - Bud Spencer (1975) - Man Mo Temple, Hong Kong

Once Bud finds who he thinks he is after a chase ensues through various locations, one of which is down Ladder Street, past the Man Mo Temple and onto Hollywood Road.

Well, the building on the right is the one that is still there, replacing the previous building that featured as the Nam Kok Hotel in The World of Suzie Wong. The temple roof looks a bit shabby here and I am sure it has undergone a bit of a renovation since 1975, but notice the old red-painted pillar box and old-style fire-hydrant. Both of these items were visible in the previously mentioned Suzie Wong too (and Jackie Chan's The Protector) but sadly, have long since gone.


  1. Think both 'Yellowthread Street' & 'I Spy' tv shows filmed outside this temple also...I guess it's the go to temple for any film crew visiting Hong Kong.

    1. yes - probably one of the most famous in HK. It's also seen on Noble House. I may transfer my Noble House stuff here from my other blog.