Sunday, January 29, 2012

Soldier of Fortune - Clark Gable (1955) - KCR Train Terminus, Kowloon

A shot from the opening credits of Soldier of Fortune. The angle indicates this shot was taken from the roof of either the YMCA  or the Peninsula Hotel. It was a sad day when the Colonial Administration took the decision to knockdown the train terminus building in 1978.

It's not just the clock tower that can still be seen today, but also the small white tower that once supported the time ball in the grounds of the Marine Police HQ. The hillside it was standing on has been excavated - a terrible, terrible decision in my opinion and is now supported by its own little pillar so that lots of really REALLY useful* high-end jewellery shops can be squeezed into the space around the ground level.

* If you can't tell that I am being sarcastic, then perhaps you shouldn't read this blog.


  1. There is a music video of SAm Hui shot inside the KCR train terminus & around it, probably it was shot between 1976/78 before it was removed. I can't remember the song right now but It was included in a special Sam Hui's aniversary CD + DVD set I bought in Hong Kong in 2004. ( I have it in my home in the Philippines..and now I am in Spain that's why I can't check what that song is)

    1. Hi Jesus - I never took you for a Sam Hui fan :-) I must admit I quite like his stuff too and now you have piqued my interest to seek out some of his groovy tunes (and that video).

      There is so much of old HK on video, it's one of the reasons I felt I could dedicate a whole blog to it.

  2. oh, yes, indeed I am a big fan of Sam Hui...even I have as memoralia the ticket of the concert he gave on 1992 in HK Coliseum. It was a Dollar note with Sam's face.
    Don't get a wrong idea of me...hahahhaha, I like obscure & bizarre movies but I also enjoy good cinema & music. I love Sam Hui music because it is very similar to the music Guido & Maurizio de Angelis did for most of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies. Even the music from Bud Spencer's The sheriff & the satellite kid was ripped in Ricky Hui's From Riches to Rags directed by John Woo.