Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sunset - Paul Chin Pei (1971) - Deepwater Bay, Hong Kong Island

At the beginning of the film, after the boys follow the girls from the Castle Peak Hotel, they have a bit of a race along what looks like Castle Peak Road before coming to a stop in...Deepwater Bay - yes, all the way over on the south of HK Island without even using the vehicular ferry to cross the harbour. Ah! the wonders of film reality.

Of course they have just collided their cars and all jump out to see the damage and have a bit of a set to. First we see them driving into a roadside parking area. Actually believe it or not this parking area is still around and there are still trees growing out of the middle of it (can't confirm they are the same ones though).

You see the very steep hill in the background above? Well this is also known as Brick Hill and these days has the Ocean Park cable car going up the side of it.

In the background of the above shot we can see the golf course for the Hong Kong Golf Club - a venerable HK Institution that although only having 9 holes, gets an extra 'hole each day when Li Ka Shing goes and plays his morning round.

In the background of our last screen grab we can see Middle Island, the home of the south island venue of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. To round it all off here is a modern day grab courtesy of Streetview.


  1. Hi Phil --

    I've been meaning to ask you this... why do you go for Paul Chin Pei rather than Paul Chun Pui? BTW, do you know that he's David Chiang's brother and Derek Yee's half-brother? :b

  2. Hi Yvonne - no reason other than that was what was on the disc case. Yes, I did know he was David Chiang's brother (but not about Derek Yee). What I want to know is why does David Chiang (as I have always known him) also go by John Chiang?

  3. Hi again Phil --

    Am not sure why David Chiang also goes by John Chiang but re names: back when I was living in Philadelphia, it took me a while to realize that Michelle Yeoh, Michelle Khan and Yeung Chi King were on the same. Ditto Lin Ching Hsia, Brigitte Lin, Lam Ching Ha and Venus Lin!!! ;(

  4. and don't forget Yeoh Chu Keng, which is the first Cantonese name I heard for her (Michelle).

    I guess it's just the fact that many Chinese are given English names after the fact (i.e. not written on the birth cert) and so are more free to change them around at will - certainly seems to be the case with some of my daughter's school friends. For Cantonese names, I suppose there is freedom of interpretation during romanisation due to no standard form for it.

    Either way, it confuses the hell out of me :-)

  5. Re Michelle Yeoh: it's more complicated than usual... here's what I've figured out.

    Being Malaysian Hokkien, her real name is Michelle Yeoh Choo Kheng. Yeoh Choo Kheng becomes Yeung Chi King in Cantonese and Yang Ziqiong in Mandarin/Putonghua. The surname Khan was given to her by some film people in the hope it would make her more "saleable" in the West -- why, I don't know... complicated, eh?! :D