Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunset - Paul Chin Pei (1971) - Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Here's a view we've seen before but this time 16 years later. To be honest this area didn't really change that much until the late 70's when the original KCR Terminus, in all its colonial glory, was demolished leaving just the clock tower. Look at the bottom right of the screen and you will see where the kerb curves into the Peninsula's driveway (you still drove into the hotel in a clockwise direction then). Actually, this same angle is used twice in the film, in the lower (later) image you can see slightly more of the old YMCA building.

Other things to note are Star House in the far distance with a blue sign hanging on it. This building remains the same today (but for how long I don't know?). The closer building with the rather ornate entrance cover is actually the previous incarnation of the YMCA - now known as "The Salisbury". The current version was built in the early 90's (and opened by HK's last Governor Chris Patton) and has nice elements to it such as the rounded corners but it's not a patch on the building it replaced.


  1. I love this part of TST. It is very cinematographic! the way, there are many IFD / Filmark productions that opens in this location. Some of those movies shot in 1987, show the contruction works of the MacDonald's restaurant located in the corner of Star House.

    THe new star ferry house in Central is horrible!!!!!...I prefer the old one. Now it has lost his charm, even if they re-built it like in the colonial time!
    I don't like such changes at all! What is HK goverment thinking when they decide such changes????

  2. Hi Jesus - you know there are also plans to remove the bus terminus on the TST Star Ferry side and replace it with a plaza. It will probably mean the end of the star ferry because buses will no longer terminate by the pier :-(

    The HK Govt are just very out of touch with modern sentiment. It's really sad and unfortunately the rest of their policies are equally as misguided.

  3. Oh NOOOO!!! is really disgusting!!!. First they destroyed Victoria Harbour ( now it would be more fair to call it Victoria Channel or Victoria River), then that horrible West Kowloon & now TST bus terminus...and Hong Kong side is not too different.

    Truly speaking, since 2006 I have been feeling Hong Kong is losing its "flavour" in too many ways. I still consider Hong Kong my favourite place in the world but it is not " my" Hong Kong anymore...too sad!

  4. I agree Jesus. It's really easy to understand how people who grew up here feel even more strongly about this. The HK Govt just needs to wake up and smell the coffee.