Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project A - Jackie Chan (1983) - Muk Min Sea Cave, Sai Kung

There is a sequence in this film when JC disguised as a fellow criminal boards the pirates boat to be transported to their coastal hideaway. There is an area in Sai Kung where many (if not all) of these shots were filmed and it can be found right next to Pak Lap Wan. Here is a reminder:

There are several caves here, and the one at the bottom is actually known as Muk Min Cave. This shot was filmed looking through its south/western entrance with Pak Lap Tsai immediately behind it. The shot at the top was actually taken with the camera placed looking down from the bit of land above the various sea caves although actually it was the next cave over used for this purpose. Here is a google shot to give some context. The circle marks the spot where the camera was placed to look down as the boat passes underneath and the arrow shows where Muk Min Cave is located.

For a great modern day comparison of the lower shot (looking through the cave) there is a close angle available on Panoramio courtesy of RINGO928, but I've embedded it below anyway.


  1. Hi Phil --

    Just looked up the place on my Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay Countryside Series map. Hmmm... hike-able to (though given the distance between public transportation stops, it'd have to be in cooler weather than what we're having now)! ;b

    A small correction: on the map I have, the cave name is spelled as Mok Min Cave.

    1. Hi Yvonne

      I've only ever been that way by boat (I dived in Pak Lap Tsai one or two times) and I remember there being huge current running into those sea caves, not the sort of place to get stuck as a diver.

      Thanks for alerting me to the different spelling. 木 is the character for 'wood' which I would say has a pronunciation closer to 'muk' than 'mok' - but I guess HK names and their Canto pronunciation rarely sit well together.

      Cheers, Phil