Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fist of Fury - Bruce Lee (1971) - Rua Dom Belchior Caneiro, Macau

One of a couple of scenes filmed in outdoor locations in Macau. The first one I have already mentioned here. This one is part of the scene when Lee disguises himself as a rickshaw puller in order to kill Paul Wei's effeminate translator character. We see the rickshaw being pulled down a road before it goes past the camera. The location used is very close to the church ruins, in fact just behind it. The lower photo shows (almost) the same angle today.

Lots of changes to note as you would expect but the main one being the building of the Catholic Art Museum on the left hand side. I'm not sure when it was built, but sometime around 1995 when it opened to the public, before that building there was a lovely house with an external stariway that can be seen in the back of the following behind-the-scenes shot of Bruce and Paul Wei (photo supplied by Marcos Ocana).

And again a modern day comparison. It's unfortunate that the housing estate we can see behind Bruce in the picture above has only just recently been demolished, In fact as of January 2010 those buildings with the balconies were still there, only to be cleared sometime between then and when I took this photo in the Autumn of 2010.

There is a wall that can be seen on the right of the film grab at the top that still partially exists. It's been reconstructed further down the road but an original piece still exists just off camera-left on the above picture can be found. Here is a picture of Bruce leaning against the wall.

The shot above shows the new version of the wall. Seems as though somebody must like the design to want to recreate it again.


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