Friday, June 17, 2011

My Son A-Chang - Bruce Lee (1950) - Old KCR Railway in Shatin Valley, New Territories

Many people aren't aware of the numerous childhood films made by Bruce Lee, this one is perhaps one of the more famous ones. I'm not sure why but actually I'm quite impressed by the acting ability he showed as a fairly precocious 10 year old - certainly better than when he was a teenager.

Anyway, like many early films in HK the outdoor locations are fairly sparse (most were shot in the various studios dotted around the Diamond Hill area) but this film has a great scene at the end where everyone is walking along the KCR railway track somewhere I think would be the current Tai Wai area. Cue views of the Shatin valley when it still had a natural shoreline and views unspoilt by the numerous highrises that clutter the view now. Hard to believe that this seeming sleepy and unspoilt part of the NT is now the biggest urban area outside of Kowloon and HK Island.

This shot above shows the troupe walking along the track (it was a legal and commonplace practice until the line was electrified simply because it was often the quickest route to your destination) looking northeast towards the distant hillsides of Ma On Shan (Ma On Shan is in fact the saddle shaped ridgeline at the top).

Another northeasterly-angled screen cap, this one again shows Ma On Shan as well as a smaller dark island behind the main actor. This in fact was an island called Yuen Chau Kok. The island still exists today but is now part of the eastern riverbank reclamation. If you have ever stayed at the Regal Riverside Hotel in Shatin then you would have stayed right next to this place.

This shot above shows a view a little over to the left of the last ones (still not directly north though). I believe the hillside in the background is where the current "The Great Hill" complex is located. So it is likely the buildings on the hill (top left) are part of Tao Fung Shan.

The last shot shows us looking back down the track in a south westerly direction towards where the Beacon Hill tunnel is. Essentially Shatin Heights in on the right and the slope rising up on the left is the NT side of Beacon Hill itself. It's really quite astonishing to see how this area has completely changed.


  1. Hi Phil --

    A cool and informative post. I know of Bruce Lee's early movies but didn't know the bit about walking on train tracks. Thanks for the enlightenment! :)

  2. Thanks Yvonne. I have Dr Pat Hase to thanks for the train info. Cheers, Phil