Monday, May 23, 2011

The Man with the Golden Gun - Roger Moore (1974) - Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

An errata and, in fact, even a myth buster. The Man With the Golden Gun was one of the first films I covered on this blog. It has some great locations featured and unfortunately my initial posts utilised screencaps from a not-so-great-quality VCD.

I've updated them just recently with better quality DVD caps (catch them all here) and taken the opportunity to include a couple of places I missed the first time round. However, whilst going over this Bottoms Up post I noticed a glaring error in my location hunting - swayed as I was somewhat by the famous club's last location on Hankow Road.

On revisiting the screencaps I noticed that the club, in the film, wasn't on Hankow Road at all but actually on Hanoi Road. Now, whether the club entrance on film was the real club or a mock up is not really important (the interiors were filmed on stage back in the UK), what is clear is that we are looking at Hanoi Road and not Hankow as I had originally thought. Anyway, here is the post with some better quality screencaps.

The key to identifying this as Hanoi Road is the presence of the Kam Lung Company in the first shot, as well as one of the famous (now removed) trees that used to line the road.

Hanoi Road tree on the left


  1. As I recall, immediately after leaving Bottoms Up, Bond jumps into a wallah-wallah (whatever happened to them?) and asks to be taken to Kowloon side. Rather a short journey!

    1. Hi Rod - yes, most films have played fast and loose with HK geography. It's not even the most ridiculous one that has appeared on here. Cheers, Phil