Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Protector - Jackie Chan (1985) - Former Victoria Barracks, Central

I have Pete Spurrier to thank for this one because he is the one who first suggested that this building was part of the former Victoria Barracks (as opposed to Central Police Station where I initially thought it could be) - sure enough old photos confirm the same buildings and if you look closely at the film you can see a large D painted onto the side of what I assume is this same building.

The D is a red herring because the actual letter given to this block was B. I have no idea why it was later replaced with a D (which referred to a different much smaller block that once served as the HQ of the Brigade of Gurkhas. Anyway, Blocks A through E, all built in the 1860's, were all demolished to make way for Hong Kong Park.

They looked like pretty cool buildings and it's a shame these ones have gone. Of course though several other former barrack blocks do still exist inside HK Park and are being used for multiple purposes.

Here is an older view of the block courtesy of the HK Public Records Office. Taken from the same angle as it was filmed, more or less.


  1. Hi there,

    Just a very small correction I'd like to make. These blocks were not demolished to make way for the park, but instead pacific place. Same scheme though.

    1. Hi Brandon, thanks for the clarification. Cheers, Phil