Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Protector - Jackie Chan (1985) - Aberdeen Harbour, Hong Kong

Speaking of Aberdeen as we were a couple of posts ago, here are some colourful shots from JC's The Protector. JC hated the original film (largely because of excessive profanity and gratuitous female nudity) and even went so far as to film scenes for an almost completely different HK release.

Here is a 1985 view of the Aberdeen floating restaurants (left Tai Pak, centre Jumbo, right Sea Palace).

Very colourful. Okay, these days you can still find the dragon-style queue cover that extends to the road but the Sea Palace pontoon is now used for general boat traffic now that the restaurant has gone.

As you can see by my own poor photographic efforts - taken in 2010 - the Tai Pak has since been moved over the where the Sea Palace used to be. Actually, you have to look hard because the Tai Pak is quite squat and hidden by the various boats. The main thing you should notice from the film is how much Ap Lei Chau (the island behind the Jumbo) has been developed. Most of the high-rises you can see were built to re-house the many boat people that used to live in Aberdeen. The floating city has almost gone but the harbour is as busy as ever.

Here is a shot of the remaining jetties (taken from water-side).

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