Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project A - Jackie Chan (1983) - Lok Wo Sha, Ma On Shan

There is a segment in this film (one of my personal JC favourites and actually the first of the so-called new wave style of action) when, after the Marine Police have been seconded to the regular police, they are given training by Yuen Biao in the use of hand grenades. This whole sequence was filmed in a large flat area that now houses a rather large and ugly car park (at least ugly compared to how it looked back in 1983 when this film was made).

The site is called Lok Wo Sha and is right next to Wu Kai Sha in Ma On Shan. The spectacular lower slopes of Ma On Shan are quite obvious in the background.

Here is a recent shot I took after a walk along the waterfront to Wu Kai Sha (along the recently opened Ma On Shan seafront promenade).

As you can see the development here since 1983 (hard to believe this film is nearly 30 years old!) has largely been restricted to the area immediately in front of the mountains and Lo Wo Sha and Wu Kai Sha have largely escaped up to now. However - sure enough a new development is planned here very soon. Such is life in HK - the grand plan seems to be to completely block out the mountains so we can no longer revel in their impressive splendour (instead we can marvel at Lake Silver and Monte Vista).

Anyway, in case you needed anymore convincing here is Pat Sin Leng once again cropping up in the background looking the in the other direction (you can see it just above and left JC's pointy hat).

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