Sunday, 22 May 2011

Project A - Jackie Chan (1983) - Carmel Church, Taipa, Macau

Just after this scene, JC and girlfriend are still running from the guys on bikes, only in reality they have filmed this bit back up at the top of Monte Dos Amores in the courtyard of the Carmel Church - instantly recognisable by its large stone cross as seen below.

The cross is still there, and of course so is the church although along with the rest of Macau it's been given a nice fresh lick of paint. Here's a recent snap taken on my last trip at Lunar New Year looking towards the Biblioteca in the background.

 Of course, after JC has vaulted the wall he makes a tremendous effort to lead his GF - Isabella Wong - down and over the rest of the stairway only to look back and see she is still stuck at the top. The staircase is of course right next to the stone cross and it does lead down the hill - it's still there and it too has been given a bit of a facelift.

Yes, that is the bell tower of the Carmel Church behind Isabella Wong. Notice the curved bits of concrete at the bottom of the picture? Well, these are just a bit of decoration that cover the small slope leading up to the church - I believe the place is actually a small park but its name eludes me at the moment.

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