Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Game of Death - Bruce Lee (1978) - Carlton Hotel, Tai Po Road, Kowloon

Here is one that was a bit tricky to place - mainly because it disappeared a while ago and there are only a limited number of snaps in the public domain that it can be compared to. However, I am reasonably confident that I have the right place thanks to the location of Tai Po Road and what looks to be the So Uk Estate in the background.

The Carlton Hotel was demolished sometime at the end of the 1990's and made way for two apartment complexes: Villa Carlton and Monte Carlton, so I guess the name lives on even if the hotel has disappeared.

In case you haven't guessed, in the film the place is supposed to be a mental hospital where Billy Lo's girlfriend is convalescing from the shock of Billy's supposed death. Great view of Kowloon from the hotel garden I think, but sadly no longer there due to so much high rise development in Cheung Sha Wan.


  1. Memories ................ stayed there for around six months, probably knocked down now and a new roadway or something grand. Seem to remember a famous author raved about the view from the terrace

    1. Hi Anon - yes indeed it was demolished a while ago and replaced by a large developments that, at least, retain the Carlton name: Villa Carlton & Monte Carlton. I'm not sure what sort of view you would get these days though, the whole of that part of Cheung Sha Wan has risen to new heights - although the So Uk estate has recently been demolished to make way for new development.