Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enter The Dragon - Bruce Lee (1973) - Ho Sheung Heung, Sheung Shui

This is the location used by Bruce Lee for the initial scenes in Enter The Dragon when he fights Sammo Hung.

Those who have read previous versions of my blog will know that the discovery of this 'lost' location was made by my good self as a result of a request from John Little to try and track it down for his In Pursuit of the Dragon documentary. Sadly, it took me too long to find to be included in the final release (it eventually took me two months to track down) but at least Lee fans know that this place still exists and isn't covered by a shopping mall. Sadly, the exact location is unreachable due to the fact that it is buried under 40 years of nature, but perhaps one day a joss stick burning idiot will be paying his/her respects to nearby graves and set the place on fire - it happens a lot more than it should.

This whole area was popular with film makers and many Shaw films were also filmed here and nearby.


  1. I love this Phil; such a great story, but with the bitter-sweet sting of it being inaccessible. Still, I just just imagine the moment that you got the panorama identified. Good stuff...

    1. Thanks Dan - I'm still confident I can eventually get in there, just need some spare time. Or we'll have to wait for Google Earth "Trail view" - thousands of volunteers worldwide heading into the countryside with cameras strapped to their heads hehe