Friday, April 1, 2016

The Man with the Golden Gun - Roger Moore (1974) - Queen's Pier, Central

The Queen's Pier post from Bons Baisers de Hong Kong reminded me of another post I should have done several years ago but couldn't due to the poor quality of my screencaps (from an old VCD). In time I forgot about it so here it is now that I have some better quality screencaps. It's just the scene where Bond is taken onto the Police launch by Hip (Soon-Tek Oh) and their embarkation point is Queen's Pier along the Central harbour front.

These top two pictures show the car driving along Edinburgh Place in front of City Hall (you can see the ramp of the car park at the background of Pic 1) before turning into the pier area. The following pictures show the boat tied up at the dockside with the pier's recognisable cylindrical columns to one side and the two actors walking along it with the old Star Ferry pier in the background.

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