Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Transformers: Age of Extinction - Mark Wahlberg (2014) - West Kowloon Waterfront, Kowloon

During my first few trips to Hong Kong, the west Kowloon reclamation hadn't even started so I am always astonished when I look out of my window here in sunny Kowloon and see the ICC (HK's tallest building) rising from the middle of it. I keep expecting the thing to come tumbling down.

Anyway, the waterfront along here - which I still have yet to visit - was used for the few final scenes in the film. Although at one point the film tries to convince us that this area is in front of the previously mentioned Central Govt Offices on the opposite side of the harbour.

It's not just the robots that a made up by CGI trickery here either, some of the background has been manipulated to hide some unsightly views. For instance, in the top picture the tree-lined section at the back is actually fake and looks to have been created to hide the entrance to the Western Harbour Tunnel.

I think this might also be the first time the ICC has appeared on screen (on this blog at least).

CGI bots, CGI tree covered hill behind them

Looking towards the western end of the harbour

The Ritz Carlton is actually in the top section of the ICC

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