Monday, December 7, 2015

Five Golden Dragons - Bob Cummings (1967) - Old Peak Road, Midlevels

Next up we have the famous little elevated ramp that connects Old Peak Road to May Road. Despite being a Hong Kong ignoramus, even I am quite familiar with this little bit of road - I've been up here a few times at least.

Most shocking to me - and I suspect everyone else - will be the complete lack of high rise development in the area. It seems to me that the best time to live in the mid-levels has gone way past already and these days you may be lucky if your view doesn't include someone else's bathroom in a nearby block (or maybe some of you would consider that lucky anyway...).

The white building on the left of the second screen shot is the previous version of Queen's Garden. The name has been around a long time even if the buildings have been regularly changed. But look at that clear view through the bridge opening! Just for posterity, here is the modern Streetview for comparison - look what happened to that nice view!

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