Sunday, December 6, 2015

Five Golden Dragons - Bob Cummings (1967) - Jordan Road Vehicular Ferry, Kowloon

Lots of nice nostalgic footage of the old vehicular ferry terminal and surrounding area courtesy of this film as we follow a car from Kowloon side to Hong Kong.

This large open area (above) in front of the ferry terminal was also used as a bus terminus and has remained largely undeveloped even now. It now has the extension of Jordan Road running across it into West Kowloon and there is now a light bus terminus in front of the Ferry Point Estate. You can just see the corner of the Man Wah Building top left.

Entrance ramp for vehicles

The bottom picture helps us to see when this film was made because it shows one of the buildings of the Ferry Point Estate under construction. The one under construction is the Man King Building - completed in 1967. The one behind it is the Man Fai Building completed in 1966. Given that they have only just started building the Man King building and the time it takes to build these things it would seem likely that this film was made either late '66 or early '67 (though I reckon 66 more likely).


  1. Five Golden Dragons was filmed beginning 1967, immediately after the making of Sumuru (generally known as The Million eyes of Su-Muru, which is the US title).
    Before this the Vengeance of Fu Manchu was filmed. In the biography of Christopher Lee he states that after Five Golden Dragons he had to wait o day or two before flying home.

    1. thanks Flip, I did wonder about how much time was between them. I actually have a bunch of screen shots for Fu Man Chu awaiting publishing, but most of them are shots around Shaws movietown and some up nr Tai Mo Shan, so would prefer to get some personal comparisons first (may have to rent a motorbike over the summer...). Phil

    2. oh, and many thanks for the heads up regarding Sumuru. This is another one that is new to me...just when I thought i was coming to the end of my film list, anotehr pops up!