Sunday, November 15, 2015

Soldier, Soldier - Robson Green (1992) - Central Waterfront, Central

At the end of the Lost and Found episode we are shown a  section of the waterfront between what was then Blake Pier and the Vehicular Ferry Pier.

Blake Pier in the background

This whole area has since been reclaimed and redeveloped into the IFC and this short waterfront pathway area was turned into Harbour View Street sitting between Exchange Square and the IFC. In fact, earlier in the year I posted some screen grabs from Yellowthread Street that showed this whole area from a higher angle.

Here's the reminder:

In case you are curious as to how much this area has changed, I've taken a Streetview image of the place from around the same place as the lower screen grab.I think you'll agree it's quite a change! At least the street's name makes some sort of sense even though there is no longer a view.

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