Saturday, October 10, 2015

Soldier, Soldier - Robson Green (1992) - Mount Austin Road, The Peak

Once again we find ourselves at the small junction where Mt Austin Road meets a small names road that connects to Lugard Road in front of the so-called 'Umbrella Seat'. It's a popular spot on this blog, though that's not surprising given the open view it offers of the harbour and beyond (assuming there's no smog of course).

The house in the background is #25 Lugard Road (aka Bishop's Lodge). It must be one of the most photographed private buildings in HK by default. There's also a nice panning shot taking in the view, but I've merged it into the panorama below rather than chuck up several separate screen grabs. It's hard to tell if the yellow colour is from the quality of the film print or whether it's pollution. But, in all honesty, the view is a lot clearer than most days during the winter time.


  1. I remember, probably in 1991, there being a period of weeks where there was next to no wind, and smog from the mainland built up to then-unprecedented levels. It was the first time I personally experienced the moon being vivid orange at night, and I remember even inside MTR stations the air had a somewhat smoky feel to it.

    Of course, these days it wouldn't be terribly unusual, but back then it was worthy of significant attention by the media. I wonder if this, being so yellow-looking and released the following year, was shot around that time?

    1. believe it or not, most people would consider that a relatively clear day :-(
      the yellow smog is more obvious in winter. I have a picture somewhere taken last year after rain from Beacon Hill that shows how the rain had flattened all the yellow smog down into a thick low cloud in the harbour. quite gross but also fascinating.

      On another point, the worst day I've seen here was actually caused by a sand storm in China. It was sometime around 2009 I think? - the sky turned almost rusty brown for several hours and the air quality measures went through the roof. It was gross. Most bad days here aren't that bad but they do leave me with a metallic taste in my mouth.