Sunday, October 18, 2015

Largo Winch - Tomer Sisley (2008) - Tat Tak Public School, Ping Shan

Largo finds himself banged up in a dodgy Brazilian jail run by an even dodgier corrupt policeman (played by Digger Mesch). Except that as we now know we are not in Brazil at all but in Hong Kong and the prison is actually a rather famous abandoned school - supposedly haunted, if you believe that sort of nonsense - called Tat Tak Public School.

The school had been running, in name at least, since 1931 but didn't move to this site until 1974 where it ran before being closed down in 1998. It's a very typical scenario for many schools in the NT post-handover, they didn't have enough students to stay open and just closed. Of course since the mass of Mainland children have started to come to HK to study there is all of a sudden a shortage of decent school places and at one point opening some of the older closed schools near to the border was being considered.

This place seems to be popular because I was watching a film called Full Strike (2015) - about a down and out badminton team led by Ekin Cheng - and noticed this was also used as their training base. Additionally, local urban explorers, HK Urbex, also visited this location not so long ago and took some excellent pictures inside and out.

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