Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story - Jason Scott Lee (1993) - 180 Nam Shan San Tsuen Road, Sai Kung

Hmm, that address sounds familiar...well it should do because we have seen it before on this blog: it was the house owned by Chuck Norris' casino owning boss in Forced Vengeance. See the previous post on it here.

In Dragon: The Bruce Lee (made-up) Story, the house is supposed to be Lee's real address at 41 Cumberland Road. The filmmakers even went as far as to put a #41 on the main gate. Actually, it looks like the front gate had a whole new concrete wall built - but this have just been a prop for the film seeing as the property currently just has a chicken wire and metal gate.

If you want to know where this place is then just click on the link to the Forced Vengeance post, this saves me repeating myself but does beggar the question: who actually owns this place? I would hazard a guess and say that perhaps someone at Salon Films owns (or owned) the place or at least someone who knew Charles Wang, the boss at Salon.


  1. If you *really* want to know the owner, you can find out, but it's going to cost you HK$25:

    You'd go to the Lot Details Section, select Lot Registers Only and enter Lot Type DD220L and Lot No. 966. (That's Lot No. 966 in D.D. 220, which is the rather unusually-shaped lot we're after here.)

    Then click continue, check the shopping cart checkbox, select "Full" enquiry type and make your order.

    And hey presto, as well as making your wallet just a little lighter, that should give you the historical and current particulars of that property from the Land Register. ;-)

    1. So far I have managed to resist because, like Pringles, once you pop you just can't stop. There are so many properties that I would love to do this but I will need a stronger motivation than just curiosity - I guess I need to befriend an estate agent because those guys have unlimited access to these things (I imagine they pay a blanket fee).

    2. That and the exchange rate hassles are the reasons I've not done it, as well...

      You've heard the call, ladies and gentlemen: There must be a movie-loving estate agent out there somewhere. Show yourselves, and let's do this! :-)

  2. Oh, and if you want to see the weird lot shape, plug the same DD and Lot numbers (but leave the L off the DD number) into the Hong Kong Government GeoInfo map. Or you can just see it near the top left corner of this Lands Department engineering plan: