Monday, July 6, 2015

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold - Tamara Dobson (1975) - Blenheim Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Returning to Cleopatra Jones for this post to update one of the locations I was having trouble identifying. This one again found by Thomas who had located the dry cleaners as still being around the same area (although he has since told me it looks to have now gone...).

It's actually the end of the motorcycle chase that started in the hotel on the opposite side of the road.

This is actually the corner where Blenheim Ave joins Minden Avenue. Despite the fact that Centamap has this block as being 62 years old, the Govt Rating and Value dept notes that the building here on the corner, called Rich Towers, was in fact built in 1986. But actually, looking at the next building along, this does seem to be the original with the same concrete steps built around the windows, so I guess it was just the end corner section that has been replaced. Currently the corner has a restaurant called Brick Lane. Here is the Streetview, the angle isn't so great.

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