Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing - William Holden (1955) - Barker Road, The Peak

For the ambulance scene, the film makers seem to have mixed up a lot of different locations in order to convey the journey the vehicle makes. Just after the last scene that we now know was filmed along Peak Road, there is a brief scene when the ambulance pulls into a driveway of what we are led to believe is the hospital. For the rest of the film 41a Conduit Road serves as the exterior of the Victoria Hospital, but in this brief scene we are transported over to Victoria Flats at 17 Barker Road.

By happy coincidence, this building - which is still standing by the way - stands on what was once a real hospital called the Victoria Hospital for Women and Children. By the time this film was made the hospital had been demolished and this large apartment block had been erected in its place (built in 1950). It's also a fine building but one that doesn't make it onto film so I have included and Streetview of it below. But first you can see the car park in front with the very same curved low wall. Still there after all these years.


  1. Phil, thank you for this interesting detail. I used the snapshot here (http://gwulo.com/atom/23826) as it shows Barker Road with Bracken Hill (red roof)in the Background.
    Regards, Klaus

    1. Hi Klaus, great stuff, it's amazing how much stuff is captured, albeit inadvertently, on camera. Cheers, Phil

  2. 17 Baker Road image correspond to the Victoria Flats/ old Maternity Wing of the now demolished Victoria Hospital. Please see : https://gwulo.com/node/4031#14/22.2688/114.1516/Map_by_ESRI-Markers/100