Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kung Fu Killers - Grant Page (1974) - Hong Kong Police Training Ground, Wong Chuk Hang

Well, we were here for The Man From Hong Kong and no doubt this little snippet was taken around the same time as we see some police being put through their training. It's a far cry from today's standards where it has just been announced that the fitness test for new recruits has been made easier to allow the less fit but more politically compliant recruit to join i.e. fat bastards are welcome as long as they have no qualms about hitting student protesters on the head with extendable truncheons...

The current fitness requirements for selection include:

Vertical Jump - 53.3 cm (male), 38.1 cm (female), Shuttle Run (10M x 10) 24.8 sec (m), 28.1 sec (f), Pull Up 7 times (m) 9 times (f- modified version).

As from October 2015 the test will drop pull-ups in favour of 'grip strength' and the shuttle run will be lowered from 10M x 10 to 10M x 4). So expect to see a lot more physically unfit coppers on the streets of HK as of the end of the year. 

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