Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shatter - Stuart Whitman (1974) - View over Central from May Road, Mid-levels

A rather nice view from May Road where it passes over the Peak Tram railway. I can't recreate the same view today due to the additional tree growth, but in the film the tram passes right under the camera and there is only one place where this happens with the nearby Grenville House apartment complex in view and that is the section at the bottom of Tregunter Path.

Here are the caps - Grenville House is the balconied building on the right.

There's quite a lot to see in the top couple of snaps courtesy of the rather nice city view and I expect most people will be able to recognise buildings such as the Connaught Centre, Hilton Hotel, HSBC (previous version), Bank of China, Standard Chartered (previous), as well as what used to be on the site of the current Estoril Court and the older version of the Peak Tram station building (now called St John's Building - did it retain the name of its predecessor?).

Anyway, Autostitch has also rendered a fairly decent consolidation of these four pictures.

There is also a reverse view from the same spot showing the stone balustrade of the bridge over the track.

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