Wednesday, February 25, 2015

That Man Bolt - Fred Williamson (1973) - Borrett Mansions, Hong Kong

One location that features fairly prominently throughout this movie is Borrett Mansions on Borrett Road. This is because it is the apartment block where Bolt keeps his Hong Kong pad. As such we get multiple instances throughout where we see it from various angles.

 The elevated approach of Borrett Road

The entrance gate

Here is the most recent view via Streetview.

We are also treated to some views from the Borrett Mansion apartment as well - although I'm not sure which floor it was - and the first shot shows Fred Williamson looking out from the balcony. The view is quite revealing because it shows the Connaught Centre still under construction which, I think, might put the filming in the early part of 1973 or perhaps even 1972(?). Unfortunately I can't recreate this view (unless someone reading this has access to Borrett Mansion and would be kind enough to supply a modern-day comparison :-)), but suffice to say it isn't quite as unfettered as seen here back in the early 70's. Remember that the Connaught Centre (now Jardine House) was officially Hong Kong's very first skyscraper. Since then it seems as though several thousand more have been added.

View to Kowloon
View down to the ground floor entrance

Anyway, rounding off this rather photo-laden post with some more shots from the ground floor, including the entrance to the building, the front gate and Borrett Road.

 And in case you had any doubt where we were...

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