Saturday, November 15, 2014

Forced Vengeance - Chuck Norris (1982) - 180 Nam Shan San Tsuen Road, Sai Kung

In what is almost one of my most flukey finds in the whole 3 years I have been attending to this blog, I have managed to find the actual house used as the Paschal abode in the film. A bit of blind luck, a rough estimate of where it might be and the astonishing fact that it still exists mean that I can confirm it is in Nam Shan village in Sai Kung. Here is a reminder.

It looks as though the pool was actually being built at the time and when you look at the GoogleEarth aerial view (see below) then you can just make out the shape of what appears to be the same pool.

The guesswork was aided by the following picture which shows Inner Port Shelter at the back and a rather familiar little island (the small hump on the left) which is also known as Lap Sap Island. Knowing where we were it was just a case of lining up the angle and then finding a property that fit the other characteristics.

In the film we get to see the parking area/garden in front of the property as well as the limo drives through the gate followed by the rather nice doorway with its shallow arch overhead.

So anyway, here is the only view available of said property. The gate is still there, although the white picket fence has been replaced by chicken wire, and if you zoom in on the front door you can see the door hasn't really changed other than its colour.

For those wishing to make the effort to get there in person, the house is on Nam Shan New Village Road and I have marked it below - but much better to click on the location information at the bottom of this post to see it in Google Maps.

On an aside, if you are the actual owner of this house and had no idea it was once used in a Chuck Norris film, I apologise in advance of any weird looking geeky kids and blokes peering over your gate in attempt to take a photo of it...and, by the way, nice pool. Incidentally, I also went on to discover that Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was also filmed here in 1993 - it is Bruce's home in that film.


  1. Your ability to identify these locations -- and to figure out where they are from a tiny glimpse of a few islands -- continues to astound me. :-)

    1. I continue to astound myself too, hehe :-)

      But seriously it's as much luck as anything else. You should see what a guy called Arthur is identifying over on the help page. Now THAT is impressive...

  2. Hahahaha cool to know that I have walked in the footsteps of Chuck Norris. That Pool is now a fish pond by the way. Just make sure you don't take photos when we are swimming.

    1. gweiloNo2 - are you the current owners? If you look at my posts for Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, you'll see it was used again for that film. Any idea who the previous owners were? Cheers, Phil