Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Taxi Driver - David Chiang (1975) - Kent Road, Kowloon Tong

I was wracking my brain about this one because so many roads in Kowloon Tong look similar and I have explored just about every street around there now before I finally spotted stuff I hadn't seen before. Two things in this grab identify this as Kent Road.

First, in the very far background is a hilly bit with some buildings on. The only place I could think of that would look like this in 1975 was the area north of Cornwall Street known as Pilgrims Way. In 1975 it had some army living quarters there that have since been replaced by a development called #1 Beacon Hill. Secondly and slightly more difficult to spot is a patch of wall that still exists today just to the above left of the middle distance cars on the right. This wall (with its inset gate and white topped wall) can still be seen today (just to the right of the triangular sign by the tree). I guess considering the amount of scenes shot in this vicinity for the film, it's not surprising that the cameras didn't venture too far for simple shots like this.

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