Saturday, June 8, 2013

Miracles - Jackie Chan (1989) - Santa Casa da Misericórdia, São Lázaro, Macau

Well, it's exactly one whole year to the day since I did my last Miracles location post - my word, how time seems to fly by these days!

Anyway, I get the feeling this may be my last post from Macau for this film and despite being in Macau only just yesterday (first time in nearly 3 years) I sadly only had time for friend visits and none for sightseeing :-(

Anyway, this location is used in the film as the local police station. Here is a reminder.

Thankfully, it look as though Google has managed to extend its Streetview imagery well north of San Ma Lo - the line of previous image demarcation - and so although we can't peep into the courtyard (it's located off a pedestrianised part of Calcada da Igreja De São Lázaro, we can see a glimpse of the main building from outside.

For glimpses inside the courtyard you will have to wait for my return trip (whenever that may be) or rely on some helpful folks who have put pictures up in Panoramio.

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