Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Taxi Driver - David Chiang (1975) - Lok Sin Road, San Po Kong

Just another one of those out of the window shots that I have been able to trace. In this case around the Kai Tak Nullah area (Kai Tak nullah is an infamous manmade waterway next to the old airport site that was responsible for greeting newly landed arrivals with a smell so bad many hopped back on their planes and demanded to be flown somewhere that smelt nicer, like...erm...Milton Keynes).

Anyway, here is the grab. It's at the part of the film when Chiang's female passenger decides to have her baby right there and then.

 The modern streetview shows us that there are still a few recognisable buildings around. We have the two tower blocks in the distance (seen behind his rear view mirror in the top picture), these are blocks A and B of the Shun Ling Building. Still going strong 40 years on.

The building on the far right of our streetview shot, which can also be seen from the taxi, is the Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School. On the second screen grab we can see a building facing us along what is Choi Hung Road. This is also still around, although had a more recent paint job and is the Choi Hung Building. It has a small white building to the right of it (our right that is) which is in fact a branch of Standard Chartered.

Anyway, much of everything else has gone but I have a feeling we will be revisiting the nullah at a later point.

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